Episode 6

Customer onboarding goes digital with Kiple e-KYC​

In light of the pandemic, companies had to find innovative ways to onboard customers without physical forms and face-to-face verification. With Kiple e-KYC, companies are now able to provide a digital experience for customers, onboarding customers digitally.​ #DigitalWARriors
LendingBoat was one of the most efficient authorised money lenders in Malaysia known for their fast approval and disbursement of loan amount – until COVID-19 struck. The movement control shuttered their business and they knew going full digital KYC was the only way to go. Since integrating with Kiple e-KYC, they have procured a 50% increment in customer acquisition.​
MobilePASS was already aware of their need to move their acquisition approach digitally, even before COVID-19. Their cost of customer acquisition was rising with too much being spent on back office operations and hardware purchase. The pandemic was just the final push for them to step up their game quickly.​
Insurance agent Amy had her problems turn into solutions this movement control when her company onboarded kiple e-KYC. Where she needed to meet up with customers before to collect dozens of documents, she can now sign her customers up online 24/7.​

Digital KYC Solution for Customer Onboarding Transformation​

Helping businesses transform legacy customer onboarding processes​.

Helping businesses transform legacy customer onboarding processes​.

It's Time to Evolve from Offline to Online.​

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